Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Music

Recently I was asked about my musical tastes and I realised I didn’t know what to say. I hate it when people claim to be really eclectic but ask them about Country or Heavy Metal and their faces screw up into a ball of disgust. You also get the folks who pretend to like Rock because they think it makes them look really edgy and alternative. I’ll just say I love pop. I grew up listening to Hi-Life, cheesy 80s power ballads, Madonna, Abba and New Edition (Thanks Mum). But my first love is for late 90s RnB particularly the sound characterised by Timbaland and Missy Elliot
I love this too
But I also like this
And this used to scare the shit out of me
But my favourite song as a child was this. Seriously I was obsessed.
Now I model my style on this
And I just want to shout out Heart 106 FM for giving me my weekly fix of club classics.

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