Sunday, 11 March 2012

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea

Recently Azealia Banks spoke out against Iggy Azalea making the XXL Freshman cover because of a line on Iggy's track D.R.U.G.S-"I'm a runaway slave.... master".

(see 0.04 sec)

I like both artists and although Banks' comments come off as sour grapes she raised some legitimate questions about that lyric. It made me feel a little uncomfortable too and just chalking it up to a bit of wordplay (apparently she was quoting Kendrick Lamar) is dismissive. It could still be seen as displaying a lack of sensitivity and respect for African American culture and history. As a fan I was looking forward to her response to the criticism however T.I wading in to defend her (she is signed to T.I's Grand Hustle records with Chipmunk)

left me less than impressed.
Neither of them addressed Azealia's actual point and just ran the same old "haterade, watch your money, not me" routine (rolls eyes). I was also disappointed with Iggy's lacklustre response. I know she's probably just trying to be the better, more mature person but I can't imagine Lil Kim being publicly called out and taking it lightly. Maybe I'm being unfair by comparing her to another artist, who knows? And why does there always have to be competition and drama between females in the hip hop anyway?  Then again there's probably just as much drama between males too (here).

Here's Reema Major just because I think everyone should be talking about her.

* Update
Iggy Azalea released an open letter a couple of days ago apologising for any offence the lyrics may have caused.


  1. I have NO time for Azealia Banks and I genuinely don't get the hype about her. She's just "aight" to me.

    Iggy, on the other hand, I DO like. There's a self-assuredness about her that just speaks to me. I can understand why folks would be upset about that line but I don't think it's racist. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think sometimes certain black Americans like to dole out the "racism" card when things aren't going their way. Life is a competition and you can't always win at everything. This comes across as Azealia being mad because Iggy's getting some shine.

  2. I had a good ol chuckle at the Azealia Banks comment. I agree with you on her although I do like that catchy 212 song.

    I also like the Ignorant Art mixtape but the T.I video put me off Iggy a little bit. Watching her laughing but keeping quiet and diplomatic as T.I calls Azealia out didn't sit well with me. I wish she'd have done it herself. But I get it. Maybe I'm asking for too much loooool