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Why I’m not into Twilight

I have read all four books in the Twilight series but I think I’m probably the only person who doesn’t really like them. I mean one of my major issues with the book is the Bella character. I mean she is very needy, selfish and a little bit vain. She is willing to sacrifice her family and friends to become a vampire without so much as a second thought. She repeatedly moans about not wanting to be even a year older than her vampire lover, uses Jacob and then discards him like a dirty dishcloth. I’m not even going to get into the train wreck that was the last book in the series (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone) Edward is so boring he’s like watching paint dry.

However there are redeeming things about the series. The romance between Bella and Edward feels so innocent and pure, in this day and age everything is so hyper sexualised (especially children) it’s refreshing to read a teenage romance sans the sex, drugs and rock & roll.

Young, Educated and Jobless

Like many of my peers I have been studying since the age of four up until twenty one. Since I have returned from my fantastic working holiday in Malta I have been bombarded with questions like “So what are you doing now?” to which I reply I have absolutely no idea. I thank God I have a degree in the health sciences so I know I will always have something to fall back on because I doubt people will stop getting sick anytime soon. However I think we are all facing up to the cold reality that our teachers lied to us. They said you were nothing without a piece of paper and pictures of you in a silly hat, but now we realise we lack something more important EXPERIENCE. And I intend to get it. It’s strange not being told what to do by lecturers, teachers or textbooks but it’s time to grow up and literally get a life.