Thursday, 1 March 2012

Chronicle- Film Review

I really enjoyed watching Chronicle. The film follows three high school boys who suddenly acquire telekinetic powers and the mischief they get up to. The chemistry between the leads really works and allows for some sweet/funny moments. Don't expect the special effects to be on a par with X-Men:First Class but in many ways they are better. The simple, rough around the edges approach brings the action closer to home. I almost felt like I could move stuff with my mind too (haha).

The darker second half of the film isn't as strong but it provides a brilliant scene with a spider (no spoilers).

It's not all good though I hated the found footage angle they took. It's been done by films like The Blair Witch project, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity but it didn't always work here. Some moments felt forced and the opening scene made me feel like throwing up-that's how shaky the camera was.

The film was directed by Josh Trank who at 28 is youngest director to top the U.K box office. Max Landis, son of director John Landis, is 26 and has already written over fifty screen plays. The strongest aspect of this film was the story and I'm excited to see what he's going to pen next. Chronicle was on the 2008 Black List. If you're a screen writer and you don't know what The Black List is here's the link.

Michael B Jordan quite possibly has one of the cutest smiles in Hollywood (swoons).

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